School 2023/24. year

District Athletics Championships

Our students participated in the District Athletics Championship held at the Subotica City Stadium, on May 18.
Our school was represented by the following students, and they achieved the following results:
- Darijan Janečić 8.b (second place, shot put),
- Dunja Juhas 8.a (fifth place, shot put),
- Nikola Vajhand, 8.b (fourth place, high jump),
- Kosta Stipić 7.b (no placement, high jump),
- Petra Milojević, 6.b (third place, shot put),
- Staša Stanković 5.b (second place, shot put),
- Luka Crnković 5.b (no placement, high jump),
- Muranji Luka 5.b (no placement, 60-meter dash) and
- Nimčević David 5.a (no ranking, 60-meter dash).
We enjoyed the sports day, gained new experiences, and are looking forward to the next competition. The students' mentor was PE teacher Nikola Balažević.

Vojvodina School Judo Championship

On May 23, our student Dušan Urukalo presented the school at the Vojvodina School Judo Championship. He entered the semi-finals, but he lost fighting for a medal. Congratulations to Dušan, and good luck in future work. The student's mentor was Milan Bogić.

Translation: Svetlana Pribičević