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School calendar
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New school calendar for the
Dario and the Film Festival on
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Na Evropskom filmskom festivalu na
Correct exams in August
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Pripremna nastava za polaganje popravnih
Distribution of students for enrollment in
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Završena je raspodjela učenika za
Solutions (keys) of the Final Exam
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See the keys (solutions) of
Our Ana won 1st place
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Ana Davčik (5.b) won 1st
„Gupčevi školarci“ – number 14
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14th issue of the school
City Hall – festive awards
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Last week, in the Great
„Salaš“ premiere
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Premiere of the short feature
Invitation to the session
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Teacher council on June 3,

Welcome to the internet presentation of students and teachers of „Matija Gubec“ Elementary School from Tavankut.

The presentation has the purpose to inform you about our school and its activities but it also has the task of educating students, teachers, parents and the local community in the fields of science, technology, sports ...

While editing the website, special attention has been paid to:
- Legality in the domain of the type, size, shape and amount of information that is available and visible to site visitors;
- Protection of the integrity of the institution that the website represents, as well as the protection of the integrity of employees, students and their parents;
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The website is available in five languages: Serbian and Croatian (as the languages of the teaching process at our school), Hungarian (as the local language) and English and German (as foreign languages ​​studied at school). Serbian language is available in Cyrillic and Latin script.
Each site has been translated into the specified languages and is available to site visitors.

The website is currently under development. Thank you for your patience.