Project name: Selfi

Project description

From the school year 2020/21. our school is registered on the Selfie platform and implements the Selfie project, which is an integral part of the self-evaluation of the school's work.

Selfie is an online tool that allows schools to assess how they use digital technologies during the implementation of teaching and learning.

The Selfie combines the views of school leaders, teachers and students and presents the findings through an interactive presentation based on which the advantages and disadvantages within the school can be identified. The knowledge and skills of those who participate in the Selfie are not measured or compared, nor are the results used to evaluate and rank schools.

For the purposes of Selfie, the term digital technology includes the application of various digital content, media, services, devices and platforms used during the implementation of teaching and learning.

Within Selfie, the data protection, privacy and copyright legislation applies and all responses are completely anonymous. Individually, each student, teacher and school leader who provides answers to questions within the Selfie cannot be personally identified. Most of the questions are grouped within eight thematic areas and should be answered by choosing one of the values on a five-point scale. It is important that this choice mostly reflects the current situation at school. With each question, for easier understanding, a description of successful and effective practice was offered, which would be rated with five. From the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the screen, you can select the language in which the Selfie will be. Use this option at the very beginning because changing the language while answering questions will delete all your previous answers.

After submitting the response, you can provide a personalized certificate of participation. The school will also receive a digital badge in recognition of participating in the Selfie. It will take you about 40 minutes to complete the questionnaire but the completion must be done within 2 hours of starting.

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