Matija Gubec

Tavankut, Vojvodina, Serbia

Municipal English Language Competition

On Saturday, 23 feb 2019, „Sveti Sava“ Elementary School in Subotica was the host of the Municipal English Language Competition. Our students, David Katrinka (8.b) i David Krasnić (8.c) took part in this competition. David Krasnić won 3rd place and will compete in the District Competition and David Katrinka won 5th place.
We congratulate our students on the results achieved.
You can see the results and ranking here.

Text: Miroslav Rauš

A break due to the flu

Pursuant to the decision of the Government of the Republic of Serbia issued on 14 Feb 2019, and following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, the teaching process in all schools will be paused from 18 to 24 Feb 2019. due to the flu epidemic. The classes start on Monday, 25 feb.
We also inform you  that the new class schedule starts from Monday, 25 feb.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

All the languages of Gubec

On February 6, 2019, Melisa Gadžur and Ivan Vuković participated in the interactive meeting „All the languages of Gubec“, organized by the primary school „Matija Gubec“ from Zagreb, as part of the In Media ReStart project with the aim to connect all schools that carry the name of Matija Gubec.
In the interactive e-time, we connected to the conference with the schools bearing the name Matija Gubec from Čeminec, Gornje Stubice, Jarmina, Magadenovac, Piškorevac and, more recently, Zagreb. We presented the activities of our school (strawmaking, Duzijanca and rowing) on ​​the Bunjevac flea market, and thus presented to other participants of the customs and traditions of the Bunjevac Croats.
Students of all schools with interest followed the presentations, and we hope that such virtual encounters will become a tradition every year around February 9th, the day when the final battle of the Peasant Rebellion was played.

Translation: H.R.A.M.