Corner for students (COVID)

Notices on the implementation of educational work during the epidemic COVID-19

List of students of higher (5th to 8th) grades, who are obliged to attend special classes in the period from Monday, June 1, to Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

Obaveštenje o načinu realizacije ostvarivanja obrazovno-vaspitnog rada, učenjem na daljinu, za učenike osnovnih škola.

Adrese na kojima će te pratiti informacije vezane za
realizaciju nastave na daljinu su:

Raspored nastave
Ministarstvo prosvete

Obrazovni sadržaji i nastavne jedinice za učenike će biti emitovani na:

- Channel 2, Radio Television of Serbia,
- Channel 3, Radio Television of Serbia (teaching in minority languages),
- Channel 2, Radio Television of Vojvodina (teaching in the languages of national minorities) and
- The multimedia platform RTS Planet .

Everything will be fine

In this time of loneliness and distance, in the hope that everything will pass quickly and the lives of our students will continue as they were before the Covid-19 flu pandemic, the students of our school, together with teachers: Danijela Radnić and Josip Kojić, accepted the initiative of children from Italy, who faced the same problem as we, and drew a rainbow as a symbol of hope and decorated the windows of houses or balconies.
Under the name of this initiative "Everything will be fine", a panel was arranged at the entrance of the school, which is decorated with some of the student works.

Translation: H.R.A.M.

State of emergency


We inform all students, their parents and employees of the school that, due to the declared state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, from Monday, March 16, 2020, the teaching at school is suspended, as well as all other activities related to the teaching process.
All further details regarding this information will be made available on the school website as well as in the media.

Translation: H.R.A.M.

Notification to the principals (schools) of the declaration of a state of emergency on the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Notification for Professional Associates, Teachers and Departmental Elders for the realization of educational work by distance learning for elementary school students.

Notice for parents/legal representatives of elementary school students.

Notice about changing the school calendar.

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Corner for students, Corner for parents i Teacher Corner