Safety is important to everyone, so even the youngest must have at least basic knowledge of how to protect themselves in dangerous situations. That's why a representative of the Fire Department from Subotica visited our school. He gave a lecture on safety to the students in the lower grades. He first introduced the children to the fact that firefighters are also rescuers. They act in cases of fire, earthquake, flood, and other dangerous situations in which we can find ourselves. He explained in detail how to act in any of these situations so as not to endanger ourselves and others, and how we can help the firefighters and rescuers do their jobs as well as possible. The children actively participated in the lecture, presenting their experiences in similar situations. The lecture was instructive for everyone. We also learned some facts about dangerous situations that we did not know until now. The firefighter described in detail how children can save themselves in dangerous situations. He warned them not to play heroes in dangerous situations. Children will keep what they have learned in their heads, hoping that they will never need what they have learned.

Translation: Svetlana Pribičević

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