The future movie stars

The shooting of a short feature film called "Salaš" directed by Dario Vojnic Hajduk, a 8th grade student, who has been engaged in film and photography for a long time, will soon come to an end.
The film crew consists of 11 members, and the shooting takes place in the school building and at the Ethno Village "Balažević". Great support in the shooting was provided by our school, as well as the HKPD "Matija Gubec" from Tavankut.
The script was written by Dario Vojnić Hajduk and Marijana Gadžur, students of the 8th grade, and leadning roles features: Melisa Gadžur, a 7th grade student, Ivan Vuković, a 7th grade student, and David Krasnić, an 8th grade student.
The film should be completed by mid-May.

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