In honor of Balint Vujkov – Grandpa

On Thursday, October 20, the students of our school attended a one-hour ceremony called „Folk literature at school in honor of Balint Vujkov - Grandpa", which took place in the hall of „Bunjevačko kolo" in Subotica. Students had the opportunity to watch interesting performances by students from Đurđin and Subotica and listen to interesting musical pieces. In addition to the performances and the musical part, the students were introduced to the literary work of Balint Vujkov. During one part of the program, numerous prizes were awarded to the students who answered the questions correctly. At the end of the program, representatives of the schools went on stage and received a copy of the collection „Fables and short stories" by Balint Vujkov. You can see the photos here.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

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