The International Day of Mutual Assistance

The International Day of Mutual Assistance is celebrated on October 26. The meaning of this day is to look at the people around us, listen to them, give them a smile, share a nice word with them or just hold the door. Students and employees of our school marked this day with numerous activities: editing the school board, reading sayings and quotes about good deeds and participating in the school photo competition, in which Nikoleta Čupak participated. student of 8th grade, won first place for best photography. At the same time, our school joined the action of collecting business cards for Ivan Rapaić, a student from Bački Breg, who has Asperberg's syndrome. His hobby is collecting business cards, and his ultimate goal is to one day set a Guinness World Record.
No one has ever become poor by giving to others", said Anne Frank.

Translation: H.R.A.M.

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