The Roads of Tibor Sekelj

The students of our school participated in the joint competition of the Polytechnic School and Esperanto Association "The Roads of Tibor Sekelj" in the category of photography and fine arts.
Candidates should have read one of Tibor Sekeljs' (a world traveler and writer) works and on the basis of that they should have drawn something or made a photo.
Photo-section members have achieved remarkable results:
In the photo category:
1st place for a single photo - Ana Vajhand, 8c;
2nd place for individual photography - Veljko Vuković, 6c;
3rd place for individual photography - Anđela Vujic, 8b
and 2nd place for photo collection - Ana Vajhand, 8c.
In the category of art works:
2nd place - Anamarija Ivkovic, 8b.

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