The School Day

Year 2020

On Friday, February 7th, we celebrated the School Day at the Tavankut Cultural Center. There were many performances: the Levanda Klapa from Samobor and the female singing choir of the HKD Napredak - Usora-Tešanj branch. A special moment of the evening was the joint performance of the Levanda Klapa, the HKD Women's Progress Choir and the School Choir.
Besides the guests from Serbia, the program was attended by guests from the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Hungary, representatives of cultural institutions, representatives of the Croatian community, students, teachers and parents.
At the very beginning of the program, guests were greeted by the principal Stanislava Stantić Prćić, who recalled the meaning and importance of the term school, which is often forgotten today, and comes from the ancient Greek word shola (σχολείο), which primarily referred to leisure time and fun. Rudolf Vujević, the envoy of the President of the Zagreb County Assembly, welcomed all those present.
This was also the first event in the Tavankut Cultural Center after its complete reconstruction.

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Year 2019

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Our school day was celebrated on Friday, February 8th. The celebration was attended by students and staff of the school, as well as numerous guests from home and abroad. This event was magnified by the performance of the „Levanda" Klapa from Samobor, which performed a special program with a series of wonderful songs accompanied by a musical performance.
The guests were welcomed by the principal Stanislava Stantić Prćić. The program was organized at the Church of the Heart of Jesus in Tavankut.
In a festive mood and in a spirit of friendship, the attendees continued to have a cocktail party on the school premises.

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Year 2018

„Matija Gubec“ Elementary School celebrated its School Day on Friday, 2 February 2018. Guests, students and employees gathered  in the Council Hall of the Subotica City Hall and enjoyed the performances of the school choir and klapa group Levanda from Samobor. The ceremony was attended not only by students and employees but also by guests from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. The guests included, among others, Velimir Pleša, Consul General of the Republic of Croatia, Slavko Kojić and Danijela Franić, representatives of the City of Zagreb and Magda Fehervari, Deputy Secretary of the Subotica Secretariat for Social Affairs. Mirjana Kopilović, the school former employee, was given a straw art painting by students and colleagues as a gift for her retirement. The general sponsor of the ceremony was Zagreb County, represented by Darinka Balen and Dubravka Martić.

Year 2017

Naša škola je proslavila svoj Dan škole, u petak 10. februara, u Dečjem pozorištu u Subotici uz prigodan program. Školski hor, uz tamburašku pratnju, izveo je obradu muzičke numere „Vjeruj u ljubav“. Zatim su zaposleni i gosti uživali u nastupu klape Levanda iz Samobora. Prisutne je pozdravila direktorica škole Stanislava Stantić Prćić. Ovom događaju su prisustvovali: gospodin Rudolf Vujević - dožupan Zagrebačke županije, Vjeran Štublin - pročelnik odjela za prosvjetu, šport, kulturu i tehničku kulturu županije, Darinka Balen - zadužena za osnovno obrazovanje i učeničke zadruge iz Zagrebačke županije, Slobodan Krajina - direktor „Osnovne škole Ivana fra Frane Jukića“, Nedeljko Marinov - direktor Osnovne škole „Primošten“, Sanja Knezić - direktorica Osnovne škole „Matije Gupca“ iz Gornje Stubice, Jasna Varga - direktorica Osnovne škole „Matija Gubec“ iz Jarmine, Jovanka Tešanović - nekadašnja direktorica Osnovne i srednje škole „Žarko Zrenjanin“ iz Subotice, Mirjana Stevanović - direktorica Oosnovne škole „Matko Vuković“ iz Subotice, Ljiljana Dulić - direktorica Osnovne škole „Vladimir Nazor“ iz Đurđina, Ladislav Suknović - predsednik HKPD „Matija Gubec“ iz Tavankuta, predstavnici Školskog odbora i zaposleni i učenici naše škole.

Year 2016

The celebration of School Day, on Friday, February 5, began with the opening of an exhibition of photographs by students of the photography section, entitled „Tavankut in the eyes of the child".
Celebrating the Day of the School with their presence: Consul General of the Republic of Croatia in Subotica - Mr. Velimir Plesa, Branko Ivancic - director at HRT (who is born Tavankucanin), Augustin Juriga - associate and mentor of the photography section, Zoltan Šiflish - former teacher of our school and other guests. Photographs from the said exhibition will be exhibited in Gornja Stubica, Republic of Croatia, in June. See the picture gallery

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