Wealth of Diversity

International Art and Writing Contest „Wealth of Diversity"

The International Art and Writing Contest „Wealth of Diversity" is a school project that encourages children of elementary school age to reflect on the values ​​of cultural diversity and the importance of respecting differences, highlighting the most noble desires and human values. The contest was launched in 2013 as a part of the Vojvodina Provincial Government's co-ordinated project, which also included the Croatian Cultural and Educational Ensemble "Matija Gubec" Tavankut, and which promoted the values of multiculturalism in Vojvodina and Podunavlje region through the prism of tourism. With our successful participation in the project, our village has confirmed its openness, as well as its cultural richness and diversity.

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The success of the HKPD "Matija Gubec" has inspired the launch of a school competition that will enable young people to show their knowledge and skills in understanding multiculturalism and the value of cultural diversity. Students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Romania, Croatia and Serbia participated in the five recent competitions, and their work responded to the following topics: "How does diversity enrich us?" (journalistic works for 2013), "No man is an island" (2014), "Friendship Story" (2014), "Let's try to love, it may work out" (2015), "The best friend is the one with whom we become better” (2016), "Great dreams of little friends" (2017), "Let's change the world with good deeds" (2018), "I want to be your friend" (2019), "No friendship is coincidental" (2020),
One of the goals of the competition is the gathering of the authors of the most successful works that, during a several-day stay in Tavankut, have the opportunity to meet, socialize, have fun and learn through various entertaining and educational workshops. This creates memorable experiences and develops friendships that remain as permanent and priceless value to all the participants.

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Translation: Miroslav Rauš

2020th year

VIII International Art and Writing Contest „Wealth of Diversity" for 2020

The theme: No friendship is an accident

The text of the 2020 Contest:

„Matija Gubec“ Elementary School from Tavankut organizes an International award-winning art and writing contest „Wealth of Diversity“ for elementary school students, which aims to encourage children to discuss coexistence with others and to develop solidarity and networking with peers from different regions.
The theme of this year's contest: NO FRIENDSHIP IS AN ACCIDENT
The contest is open until March 15, 2020, all the works received will be...

Read the full text of the VIII International Competition Wealth of Diversity.

List of all participants and
List of AWARD-WINNING participants..

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

2019th year

VII. International art-literary-journal contest: „The Wealth of Difference“

Theme: „I want to be your friend”

Text of the competition

The „Matija Gubec“ elementary school from Tavankut organizes an international prize-winning literary, journalistic and art competition „The Wealth of Difference“ for elementary school which wants to encourage children to discuss coexistence issues with others and to develop solidarity and connect with peers from different regions.
Theme of this year's competition: „I want to be your friend“.
The competition is open until March 11, 2019, all the works received will be evaluated by the jury who will award three best literary, journalistic and art work in two age groups (1st to 4th and 5th to 8th grade of elementary school). Prizes will be given to authors and mentors at the main ceremony on April 5, 2019 at the Primary School „Matija Gubec“ in Tavankutu, and for the awarded pupils and mentors accommodation and nutrition will be provided.

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Instructions for submitting papers:
Send literary and journalistic papers to the e-mail address info@osmgubec.edu.rs, and each work must contain following information:
Name and surname of the author,
class, name and contact information for the teacher (phone, e-mail address),
name and address of the school.
Each student in the competition can participate with up to two literary works and one journalist and one artistic work. Literary works can be both poems and prose compositions. Literary and journalistic papers can be written in the languages ​​of the participating countries as well as in the languages ​​of national minorities.
Texts of literary works should be written with Times New Roman font, font size 12, and .doc or .docx format. Works that are not fully labeled or do not contain the necessary data can not enter the competition. The school reserves the right to publish the works.
Works may be submitted by primary schools and other institutions or organizations involved in basic education and training.
Send artworks only to the address:
Primary School „Matija Gubec“ (for the competition: „Wealth of Difference“)
Marka Oreškovića 12/a
24214 Donji Tavankut, Vojvodina
Republic of Serbia
Papers must not be published before, and after the competition and they will not be returned.

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The 7th International Competition was held „Wealth of Diversity“

For the seventh consecutive year, our school organized the International Fine Art Literary and Journalistic Contest "The Wealth of Diversity". The aim of the competition is to encourage pupils of elementary school age to reflect on the values of diversity in society and the importance of tolerance.
This year they answered their work on the topic: "I want to be your friend". Over 400 papers were received at the school's address, counting all three categories of the competition, and students from Serbia and Croatia participated.
The highlight of this competition is a three-day social gathering that took place from April 4th to 6th, during which the participants were better acquainted and made friends through thought-out activities. They participated in creative workshops: "Respect Diversity", "Glagolitic Search for Hidden Treasures", "Roljanje", as well as workshops "Quiz of General Culture", "Karaoke", "Slamarska", "Moonlight 9" and "We learn how to divanit bunjevacki".
The central event took place on April 5, 2019 in the school's gym, where awards and diplomas were given to authors of the most successful works and their mentors. Special guests at the award ceremony were children from "Kolevka", who received a special applause.
After the official program, a great surprise for all participants was organized at the school yard Bikeers from Osijek, on their motorcycles, dressed as big rabbits, gave children sweets. Smiles on their faces spoke more than a thousand words.
On the last day of the gathering, guests enjoyed a horse ride through Tavankut, visiting a local orchard and Čikerija Forest.
This year Tavankut was a three-day home for students from Croatia (Primošten, Vrbovec, Donja Pušća and Samobor) and Serbia (Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Gakovo, Subotica, Bačko Dušanovo), who promised to come again next year at 8. International Competition "The Wealth of Diversity".

Translation: H.R.A.M.

2018th year

VI International fine-literary-journalistic contest
"Wealth of Diversity" for 2018

  • TOPIC: Good things change the world

Our school organized the International Art and Writing Contest "Wealth of Diversity" for the sixth consecutive year. This competition encourages elementary school students to reflect on the value of diversity in society and the importance of tolerance. This year's topic was "Let's change the world by doing good deeds". Students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Germany, Slovakia, Croatia and Serbia participated with over 540 works received.

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The culmination of this contest was the three-day gathering held from 18 to 20 April, during which the participants were better acquainted through planned activities. They participated in the workshops "Meet the senses," " Glagoljica paths," "Old sports and games," "Old way of ironing" and music evenings of disco music and karaoke. The guests also enjoyed pleasant and memorable moments during the sightseeing tours of Palić, Subotica and Tavankut. The highlight of the event was on Friday, 20 April, when prizes and diplomas were awarded to the authors of the most successful works and their mentors in Palić library.
This year Tavankut hosted students from Bosnia and Herzegovina (Usora), Croatia (Bjelovar, Oroslavje, Osijek, Piškorevci, Primošten, Vrbovec) and Serbia (Subotica and Sombor), all of them promising to return next year to the 7th International Art and Writing Contest "Wealth of Diversity".

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