25th meeting of little poets of Slavonia and Baranja

On November 23, 2018 we participated at the 25th meeting of little poets of Slavonia and Baranja which was hosted at the elementary school "Matija Gubec" Cernik in Republic of Croatia, a manifestation where students who write in the Croatian standard language and in the Croatian dialect have the opportunity to present their artistic achievements and to show their reciprocal skills.
On the occasion, the student Ivan Vuković from the 7th grade prepared a recitation "While the fall rains fell" written by Ante Sekulić, whose performance was included in the main program of the event. Apart from the student Ivan Vuković, Ante Vuković from class 6.a was present at the meeting, too.
The students traveled with the parish priest Franjo Ivanković, teacher of Music Culture Luka Budinčević and Croatian language teacher Morena Rendulić. After the main event of the Meeting and the presentation of awards and recognitions, all participants had lunch at the Croatian House in Cernik, and then they went to their homes.
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