Hippo English Language Olympiad

For the seventh consecutive year, our students have participated in the HIPPO English Language Olympiad, an international English language competition. Preliminary round was held at our school on Friday, 15 Mar 2024. Our school was represented by 15 students, divided into three categories based on their age- Nevena Antal, David Bedić, Kalina Dulić, Petar Francišković Milovan Milovac, Jovan Saulić, Majda Stipić and Nikola Tumbas (LITTLE Hippo); Teodora Evetović and Lena Moravčić (Hippo 1); Teodora Vujković and Dušan Urukalo (Hippo 2), Lucija Skenderović, Marijana Skenderović and Jovana Cvijanov (Hippo 3). Our dear guest was our former student Ana Davčik who competed in Hippo 4 category. After the preliminary round tests have been marked, the top 10% of participating students from our country will be invited to the National Finals. Students’ mentors are Svetlana Pribičević and Miroslav Rauš. Thanks to our teacher Nevena Baštovanović for her help in organising the first round of the competition. We wish our students good luck!

Text: Miroslav Rauš

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