Competition „Reach for the Stars through Reading“

Once again, we participated in a competition in knowledge and creativity „Reach for the Stars through Reading“. This is a competition launched by the Croatian Network of School Librarians within the project „National Project to Promote Reading and the Culture of Reading“, aimed at bringing students together and as a reading-incentive program.
Sixteen students competed at our school, and the top three pupils will represent our school in the next round of competition (intermediate level), expected next month. The results and order are as follows:
1st place: Martina Vuković: 22/45;
2nd place: Melissa Gadžur: 20/45;
3rd place: Rahela Šteković: 14/45;
4th place: Ivan Vuković: 13/45;
5th place: Dario Vojnić Hajduk; 12/45.
We congratulate our students on the results achieved, and wish them success in further competition.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

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