Serbian as a non-native language

The district competition from the Serbian language as a non-native was held on April 30, 2019, in Primary School „10. October“ in Subotica.
The students achieved the following results:
- Melissa Gadžur, student of the 7th grade, (17 points) 1st place; mentor: Slađana Knežević;
- Ivan Vuković, student of the 7th grade, (14.5 points) 3rd place; mentor: Slađana Knežević;
- Rahela Šteković, 8th grade student, (17.5 points) 1st place; mentor: Sandra Ilić Kostić;
- Marijana Gadžur, 8th grade student, (16 points) 2nd place; mentor: Sandra Ilić Kostić.

Translation: H.R.A.M.

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