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Project name: eTwinning

Project description

eTwinning is an online portal that connects school and pre-school staff across Europe with the aim of enabling them to jointly design and implement projects, share ideas and examples of good practice, connect students and enrich the teaching process. The eTwinning action promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools. Use of the portal is free and safe.
Teacher Slavica Pokornić from the Ljutovo branch school is the first teacher from our school to join the eTwinning community back in 2016, and this school year she is joined by teachers Morena Rendulić and Miroslav Rauš. Last school year, Slavica Pokornić and her students received 9 European Quality Labels for their eTwinning projects.

eTwinning School Label 2020-2021

Our school is the only elementary school in our municipality and one of thirty schools in Serbia awarded with eTwinning School Label 2020-2021. eTwinning Schools are recognised at European level as role models for eTwinning and form a network of leading schools to inspire the future development of the action, have a high visibility at European Level and are able to show their eTwinning School Label in their promotional and information materials.
These schools are recognised as leaders in: digital practice, eSafety practice, innovative and creative approaches to pedagogy, promoting continuous professional development of staff, promoting collaborative learning practices with staff and students.

You can see the list of awarded schools here.

Text: Miroslav Rauš

School year 2020/21.

Activities of students of 4.d classes and and teachers of Slavica Poknić

NURDOR - To support children with cancer

Project of Class 7.a and teacher Morena Rendulić

Yellow ribbon

Učenici 7. a razreda obilježili su na satima Hrvatskoga jezika i književnosti Međunarodni dan sjećanja na žrtve holokausta (27. siječnja) priključivši se eTwinning projektu Žuta vrpca.
Projekt traje od 18. siječnja do 5. veljače 2021., a svi sudionici uključit će se prezentacijama aktivnosti vezanih uz temu koje će se moći pogledati na stranici Twinspace.
Cilj je projekta potaknuti učenike da kroz interaktivne aktivnosti promišljaju o antisemitizmu kao obliku rasne, nacionalne, vjerske i socijalne nesnošljivosti, prepoznaju antisemitizam kao kršenje građanskih i ljudskih prava, na primjeru osobnih priča uoče kako zakonska regulativa koja uključuje antisemitizam utječe na život pojedinca i osvijeste važnost slobode za svakoga pojedinca.
Ovom problematikom bavili smo se gotovo dva tjedna kontinuirano te nam preostaje povezati se s ostalim školama kako bismo predstavili naš rad. Naime, pristupili smo problematici antisemitizma čitajući ulomke romana Dječak u prugastoj pidžami, a potom smo pogledali i istoimeni film. Analizirali smo oba umjetnička pristupa te osvijestili da pravo i iskreno prijateljstvo ne poznaje granice.
Posvetili smo se događajima koji su obilježili židovski narod u tomu razdoblju, a potrudili smo se saznati i osnovne informacije o židovstvu te smo na taj način obogatili naše živote.
Spoznali smo da nas i danas propaganda te lažne vijesti mogu pokušati maknuti s pravoga puta, ali i osvijestili koliko je važno kritički pristupati svemu što čitamo te čujemo oko nas.
Slažemo se s Ottom Frankom da ne možemo promijeniti ono što se dogodilo, ali definitivno se možemo boriti protiv toga da se išta slično ponovi, a pjesma Martina Niemȍllera učvrstila je u nama želju: Biti i ostati čovjekom!

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School year 2019/20.

eTwinning projects in which our students and teachers participate

Class 3.D and teacher Slavica Pokornić

Healthy body healthy mind

Through this project we are improving our physical and mental health through physical exercise.We raise awareness on the importance and need for physical activity and sports.

During the Children's week, one day was marked as a sports day, where students from multiple classes competed in relay games in groups - according to fruit trees, which they previously drew. The weather did not allow us to mark a sports day on the playground. We used a variety of props for the classroom: hoops, skipping ropes, feet and fists, ping pong balls ...

Apple Day

We marked Apple Day as a theme day. We have integrated the theme through the following school subjects: Serbian, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, and Art.
In the Serbian language class, the students made a word search in which you need to find words that mark the characteristics of an apple.

The Math class was marked by the use of QR codes. The students were divided into groups to solve tasks. Apples on the tree (containing QR codes) were glued to the board and were scanned by phones and tablets. When the task was solved, they checked on smaller apples to see if they had the right solution.

Science and Social Studies class passed in repeating the factual data connected to the apple, through a quiz.

Art class and theme The composition of colors and lines was in line with the integrated day.

I research, observe and orient myself

Through this project, students will learn about orientation in nature and on the map and explore the space in their surroundings.

Healthy breakfast - healthy student

While working on the project, we will rely on the principles of proper nutrition - the regularity of meals throughout the day (do not skip them), the correct choice of food used in the diet (giving preference to food that are rich in fiber), the way it is prepared, but also the amount of individual food items that are in daily use. We explored what kind of breakfast is eaten in England, China, France and Russia.

We designed napkins, played games ...
A special Math class was connected with the project. We talked about bees and honey and solved tasks by using QR codes.

Morena Rendulić and the students who attend Croatian

Glagolitic calendar for 2020

Glagolitic calendar for 2020 is a project activity within the eTwinning project Glagoljamo, implemented jointly by the students of the Josipdol Elementary School in Josipdol, The Republic of Croatia and the students of our school. The project mentors are teachers Morena Rendulić, Andreja Matijašić and Mirjana Grubišić.

See Calendar

Class 6.B and English teacher Miroslav Rauš

The European Day of Languages Challenge: let's celebrate!

Through a set of challenges such as tongue twisters, riddles and exchange of postcards, students celebrated the European Day of Languages.

Class 5.A and English teacher Miroslav Rauš

European Day of Languages 2019

Exchange of postcards in English and mother tongue.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

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Project name: Back to the Future

Visit of students and teachers from "Podmurvica"

Check out the visit program

As part of the Back to the Future project, ten students, teachers and the principal of the Podmurvice Elementary School from Rijeka visited our school. The citizens of Rijeka will be visiting Tavankut from September 26 to 29, during which time they will show their skills of making traditional mask decorations, map natural and cultural sites of Tavankut, visit the farm of Tome Vojnić Mijatov, and also visit Subotica.We will also take our guests to the Fruit Festival and we will also teach them how to make straw ornaments.
We believe that the citizens of Rijeka will bring a handful of beautiful impressions, and we look forward to meeting each other in return and continuing.

Translation: H.R.A.M.

Dating, socializing and learning (Part 1)


Socializing and learning (Part 2)

See a record of a visit from a student from "Podmurvica" to our school

School year 2018/19.

Project name: „Хулиганизам стоп, ми волимо спорт“

Ученици против насиља

У оквиру „Дечије недеље“, у петак 04. октобра, у нашој школи је одржана манифестација под геслом „Хулиганизам стоп, ми волимо спорт!“
Након учешћа на акредитованом семинару за наставнике: „Одрастање без алкохола, дроге, коцке, секти и насиља“ , у Таванкуту се окупило 70 ученика у пратњи својих наставника из суботичких основних школа: „Сечењи Иштван“ , „Матко Вуковић“, школа „Владимир Назор“ из Ђурђина и „Иван Милутиновић“ из Мале Босне.
Госте су дочекали таванкутски ученици и наставници, а након кратког упознавања и показивања школе сви заједно су учествовали у радионицама на тему насиља, са акцентом на насиље на спортским манифестацијама. Схвативши и продубивши своју свест о важности спортског такмичења и правилног односа према здравом животу, ученици су се, у духу познатог Де Кубертеновог гесла: „Важно је учествовати“, упутили на спортске терене где су одмерили снаге у фудбалу, кошарци и одбојци на песку.
Након спортских игара дружење је настављено у дворишту таванкутске жупне цркве где је све учеснике пројекта дочекао и ручком почастио жупник Фрањо Иванковић, уз лакумиће наше куварице Анице Црнковић.
Пројекат је финансијски помогао, и тиме га омогућио, Покрајински секретаријат за спорт и омладину.