Photo contest „In my neighborhood“

A great number of students from the higher grades of our school participated in the third photo contest called „In my neighborhood“, organized by „Ivan Goran Kovačić“ elementary school in Subotica. Great response to the competition and - success was inevitable.
Anja Jurić, a 6th grade student, won the first place in the competition.
The ceremony, as well as the announcement of the results, took place on November 20th at the organizers' school.
We commend the students who participated in the competition, and our congratulations to Anja.
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An event for grandparents

The first through fourth grade students and toddlers from the kindergarten of the Gornji Tavankut School District held an event for their grandparents on October 29th. After the event, games were held where grandparents competed with their grandchildren. All participants received "sweet" prizes thanks to the sponsors. Program holders were: Tatjana Nimčević, Zorica Tanović, Ana Kopunović Legetin, Strahinja Kostić and Jelica Dulić.

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Corresponding Mathematical Olympiad – Round II

Students: Ana Davčik, class 6b, and Petra Mačković, class 5b, participated in Round 2 of the Fourteenth Corresponding Mathematical Olympiad, organized by the Mathematical Society "Archimedes" in Belgrade. Both of our students achieved very good results, Ana - 82 points and Petra - 81 points. Both Ana and Petra won Commendations from the competition organizers. Their mentor is Ivana Vuković. Congratulations to our students. You can see the results of the second round at Archimedes.

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Reminder – archive


- Monday, November 11, is a non-working day
- On Tuesday, November 12, Monday class schedule will be applied

In Serbia, November 11 has been marked as Armistice Day since 2012.
On that day, at 11:00 a.m. in Marshal Ferdinand Foch's special train carriage in Compiegne forest in France, the Entente Powers and Germany ended the Great War by signing a cease-fire. After that, negotiations on the terms of peace continued with the Treaty of Versailles, on June 28, 1919, which officially ended the First World War.

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XVIII Provincial Poetry Recitation Competition in Croatian

City Library in Subotica hosted the XVIII Provincial Poetry Recitation Competition in Croatian on Friday, November 9, 2019.
Our school, in the younger age category, was represented by Nikolina Jurić from class 3.a with the poem Home by Ratko Zvrk. In the middle category, our school was represented by 8th grade student Melissa Gadžur with the poem Crazy Birds by Dobriša Cesarić. The mentors of the students are teachers Antun Lučić and Morena Rendulić.
We commend their performances and look forward to the ones next year, and also congratulate Melisa on her winning trip to Osijek.
We couldn't help but notice our former students who filled us with pride by winning awards with their standout performances.
See the photos showing how much we enjoyed poetry and hanging out with old friends.

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District Athletics Championship

District Athletics Championship was held at the Subotica City Stadium on Thursday, 17 Oct 2019, with the participation of nearly 400 competitors. Our students Aleksa Stanković (6.b), Nadja Kopilović(6.b) and Elena Sekulić (8.c) won first places in shot put in their age categories. The winners of each discipline earned the right to participate in Regional Athletics Championship. The location and date of the Regional Athletics Championship has not yet been determined, but it will take place in the 2nd semester of the 2019/2020 school year.
Congratulations to our students and we wish them luck in the next competition phase!

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A prize trip to Vienna

Our student, Ana Davčik (6.b), won first place at the 7th Willkommen International Language Competition and as a prize, a trip to Vienna. Ana and English teacher Miroslav Rauš, together with the organizers of the competition and other prize-winning students and teachers visited Vienna on November 2 and 3, 2019. A pleasant weekend with fellow students and teachers were also complemented with visits to sights such as Schönbrunn Castle, the Natural History Museum and the Prater.
Congratulations to our Ana and we wish her success in the upcoming competitions!

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