International Music Day

Every year, on October 1, the International Day of Music is celebrated, a melody that completes our everyday life. The World Music Community has been celebrating this day dedicated to music since 1975. The celebration was encouraged by violin virtuoso and musicologist Jehudi Menuhin, and his initiative was accepted by UNESCO.
The goals of the International Music Day are to spread the ideals of peace and friendship among nations, to exchange musical and artistic experiences, and to enjoy this kind of art.
In addition to entertainment and cultural value, music is a very powerful medium, enables communication without words, acts therapeutically, reduces boredom and facilitates learning.
Precisely because music is all around us and in us, the students of the Music School from Subotica: Mihajlo Popović, Dimitrije Kališki, Đordje Marković, Lucija Vukov, Vujica Lazović and Andreas Damjanoski (a student of our school) held on Thursday, October 1. a small concert in the cabinet of music culture, on the occasion of marking the International Music Day.
The concert was attended by students of all ages who performed works by composers of different eras. Our students had the opportunity to enjoy the works of Mozart, Bach and other composers. They carefully followed the program and rewarded their friends with applause.
Concert program:
1. Mihajlo Popovic; Trumpet, 2nd grade of OMS; Mozart: Waltz;
Rehearsal by Lenard Gužvanj; Class: Lenard Gužvanj.
2. Dimitrije Kaliski; Violin, 3rd grade of OMS; Markovic: Commander Sava;
Mozart: Alegreto; Class: Tamas Kish.
3. Djordje Markovic; Accordion, 4th grade of OMS;
Derbenko: Small Suite, 1st paragraph; Class: Miroslav Idic.
4. Duo - Lucija Vukov (flute, 1st grade of high school) and Vujica Lazović (guitar, 3rd grade of high school); Bokerini: Minuet; Class: Kristina Molnar and Marko Srđević and
5. Andreas Damjanoski; Piano, 5th grade of OMS; Haydn: Sonata in D major, 1st movement;
Class: Marija Krecul Stefanović.

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