Professional meeting in our school

An expert meeting entitled Organization of work during the state of emergency in educational and educational institutions was held in our school on September 26, organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Croatian Community in the Republic of Serbia "Cro-Fond" and HPD "Bela Gabrić". The gathering was intended for educators, teachers and professors who work in teaching in the Croatian language, and it was opened by the moderator Margareta Uršal.
At the beginning of the gathering, the present were greeted by the school principal Stanislava Stantić Prćić, who welcomed them with a small sign of attention - an apple that is a symbol of Tavankut and the school magazine Gupčevi školarci. In addition, the participants of the gathering had the opportunity to see the school, look at the works, as well as hear about the numerous activities in which students and teachers of our school participate.

Translation: H.R.A.M.

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