Serbian language and language culture

District competition

At the District Competition in Serbian Language and Linguistic Culture, which was held at „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" Elementary School in Subotica, our students achieved excellent results. Nađa Bedeković, a student from the 5.b, won 2nd place, and Lara Prćić, a student from the 8.b, won 3rd place. As the national level of the competition is organized only for 7th and 8th grade students who won first and second place at the district level, they unfortunately do not continue the competition. We congratulate the students and teacher Nevena Ivić on their notable success, and we wish them to continue to nurture and study their mother tongue.

Municipal competition

The Municipal Competition in Serbian Language and Linguistic Culture was held at „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj" Elementary School. Our school represented Nađa Bedeković and Lucija Babijanović (5.b), Nikolina Đukić and Teodora Vujković (6.b), Lucija Skenderović and Jana Rudinski (7.b), and Lara Prćić (8.b), and their mentors Nevenom Baštovanović and Nevenom Ivić. After winning 16 points and 3rd place, Nađa Bedeković has qualified for the district competition.
We congratulate all the students on their efforts to achieve the best possible result, and we wish Nađa luck in the higher ranks of the competition!

Translation: Svetlana Pribičević

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