The Student Parliament awarded the most exemplary class

During the first meeting of the Student Parliament, the members came up with the idea that, at the end of the semester, the class with the fewest disciplinary records and the fewest disciplinary measures issued, should be rewarded. In the last week of the first semester, in cooperation with the school psychologist, the members of the Student Parliament analyzed the electronic grade book and came to the conclusion that the most exemplary class was 8.b, which had only two disciplinary records .On the last working day of the first semester, students and the class teacher of 8.b were awarded with chocolates. The Student Parliament also decided to „punish" the class with the largest number of disciplinary records, so the students of Class 6.b received menthol candies. We will carry out the campaign during the second semester as well, and we hope that the sweet prize will help influence our students to be good.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

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