Golden harp

„Golden harp“ 2018.

On October 13th, in Čannektar held a traditional musical event of the "Golden Harp" of the Subotica Diocese. It is an annual meeting of small parish choirs, which has been held since 1987.
On the way to Chancery we visited the church in Old Witch.
Upon their arrival at the Cantabrian Church, they attended the celebration of worship, and after the Mass began the performance of the students of our school, who are also members of the parish choir of the church in Tavankutu.
The students of our school sang the song "Come, come to us".
The pupils were trained and led by teacher of music culture Luka Budinčević and pastor Franjo Ivanković.
In addition to the pupils from our school, "Pale harf" was attended by numerous students from other schools.
We ended up with a joint photo.

Melisa Gadžur, 7.а

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