A book festival

International Fair of Books and Teaching Aids, The Interliber, took place from Tuesday, November 13 to Sunday  November 18. Students, teachers and parents attended this fair and the tour was organised by our school. After visiting numerous fair stands, we attended the presentation of the book Croatian Spring and the Croatian political emigration by the young Croatian scientist Wollfy Krasic and received gifts from Ante Žužul, Ph.D, CEO of  Školska Knjiga publishing house.The visit to Zagreb continued with a short visit to the city center , after which we attended the performance Huddersfield at The Zagreb Youth Theater.
On the second day of the tour, we visited Ogulin, the Croatian city with extremely rich history, and beautiful landscape as well. Within the Ogulin Frankopan castle, besides the museum space, there is also The House of Fairy Tales dedicated to the most famous Croatian children's writer Ivana Brlić-Mazuranić, who was born in Ogulin. Numerous fairy tales of this Croatian Andersen were revived in the museum setting The House of Fairy Tales. In the immediate vicinity of the Francopan castle there is the famous Đula's chasm, a place where river Dobra ends. Then we were hosted by the Ogulin City Library, whose employees presented its rich collection. We also went to the Oštarska parish where the parish priest Ante Luketić welcomed us to the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Presenting his extremely rich collection of books, the parish priest Luketić told us about the history of the Ogulin region, as well as the history and development of the Glagolitic script. During this time, the youngest showed their knowledge of the Glagolitic script at the workshop Small Oštar glagolitas, which was designed and led by Mirjana Grubišić, a teacher from Oštar.
Before leaving, we exchanged gifts with our hosts and agreed to continue the cooperation in Tavankut.
A visit to Interliber, which has been organized for several years, was financially supported by the City of Zagreb, the County of Zagreb and Školska Knjiga publishing house. (See the picture gallery)

Translation: M.R.

25th meeting of little poets of Slavonia and Baranja

On November 23, 2018 we participated at the 25th meeting of little poets of Slavonia and Baranja which was hosted at the elementary school "Matija Gubec" Cernik in Republic of Croatia, a manifestation where students who write in the Croatian standard language and in the Croatian dialect have the opportunity to present their artistic achievements and to show their reciprocal skills.
On the occasion, the student Ivan Vuković from the 7th grade prepared a recitation "While the fall rains fell" written by Ante Sekulić, whose performance was included in the main program of the event. Apart from the student Ivan Vuković, Ante Vuković from class 6.a was present at the meeting, too.
The students traveled with the parish priest Franjo Ivanković, teacher of Music Culture Luka Budinčević and Croatian language teacher Morena Rendulić. After the main event of the Meeting and the presentation of awards and recognitions, all participants had lunch at the Croatian House in Cernik, and then they went to their homes.
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Our students took part in the Provincial Poetry Recitation Competition

The Croatian Reading Room of City Library in Subotica organized the XVII Provincial Poetry Recitation Competition in Croatian. Twelve students of different ages represented our school. All the students showed good performance and recitation skills. Marijana Gadžur was commended for reciting the poem "U suton" (Into the sunset) by Dobriša Cesarić.
Nikolina Jurić, Magdalena Suknović, Lucija Vuković, Petar Benčik, Fabijan Dulić, Melissa Gadžur, Josipa Mačković, Ana Skenderović, Valentina Stanišić, Rahela Šteković and Luka Vuković also took part in this competition.
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Relief mural

The entrance to the school was refreshed by the installation of a wall relief created by students and teachers at the Ceramic Workshop under the guidance and watchfulness of Barbara Bidin, professor of fine arts, and Robert Samardzic, an academic painter from Dugo Selo near Zagreb.
Every participant in the workshop, a pupil or a teacher, made up one part of this relief mural, which depicts the motives of our village through a multitude of beautiful details.

Children’s Day

For the International Children's Day, a gift - a poem:

Za milion godina

Kada jedna gruba reč
ko vrata teška zatvori sve prolaze
kada dan ko kamen tvrd
sruši se sa neba na tvoj nežni dlan
i dok noć u kojoj nema zvezda caruje
u samoći sa svih strana strah te obuzme.

Kada tmurno jutro osvane
u tvojim tužnim mislima
kada kiše jesenje zamagle ti
pogled ispred prozora
jedna ruka traži te i želi da ti da
dodir nežnosti za bar milion godina.

Nikad ne boj se, s tobom neko je
ko želi ljubav da ti da
deo svoga toplog sna
nikad ne boj se, ljubav jača je
deca u nama znaju sve
pravi put u nove sne.

Kada strašne bure zaprete
da razbiju tvoj mali brod
kada reči šture
pokušaju da nađu izgovor
jedna ruka traži te i želi da ti da
dodir nežnosti za bar milion godina.

The YU Rock Mission included performers like Oliver Mandic, Zeljko Bebek, Marina Perazic, Momcilo Bajagic-Bajaga, Aki Rahimovski, Slađana Milošević, Dado Topić, Masimo Savić, Zdravko Čolić, Jura Stublić, Peđa D'Boy, Vlatko Stefanovski, Bora Djordjevic, Goran Bregovic and many others.

Team Building

Friday, November 23, 2018

- Competition: Basic quiz, culture in general, group work;
- Dinner  and
- Karaoke party.


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The International day for tolerance was celebrated in our school on November the 16th,2018., in the time of the first period, which was dedicated to workshops on the importance of tolerance among people. After that, students arranged our school panel.
The World Tolerance Day is celebrated since 1995 as a day when we need to remind ourselves of the needs of mutual respect and respect regardless of the differences that exist among people.
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has defined the definition of tolerance: Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the richness of diversity in our and world cultures, our form of expression and the way to be human.