Despotovac – a view of the trip

Visiting the Monument to the Unknown Hero

During the two-day excursion, the students of the seventh and eighth grades visited several important tourist destinations on April 9 and 10, 2018, accompanied by their teachers Kristijan Milanković, Emina Tikvicki, Danijela Radnić and Slađana Knežević.
The first day we visited Mount Avala and the Avala TV tower. Next stop was Smederevo, where we visited Smederevo fortress - built by the 15th century despot Đurađ Branković.
Furthermore, we visited the archaeological site Viminacium near Kostolac, the Roman military headquarters and the capital of the Roman province. We visited Upper Moesia - one of the two largest fortifications in the province and the central point in the defense of this Danube region. Upon arrival in Despotovac, we settled in the lodge "Resava". After dinner, there was a disco night.

Other parts of  Serbia

The second day we visited the Manasija monastery, which was built by the Serbian despot Stefan Lazarević at the beginning of the 15th century. The monastery is famous for the Resava school. Monks who nurtured literature and copywriting gathered there.
We also visited Resavska cave, our biggest and most beautiful cave, accompanied by a speleologist.
The other natural attraction we visited was the largest waterfall in Serbia, Big Buka. It belongs to the hydrosystem of the Lisine River and is over 20 meters high.
Next stop was Svilajnac, where we visited the Natural History Center. The students were presented with a mix of science, education, history and tourism in a very specific way.
While coming home, the students took part in a quiz organized by our guide. In a very interesting and humorous way, we recapped important information that we had learned during this beautiful trip.
We returned home with a lot of positive impressions.

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