Celebrating Necktie Day

Our students, accompanied by their teachers, celebrated Necktie Day on Friday, 18 October in Subotica Korzo. For this occasion, they made practical souvenirs, bookmarkers with neckties made in straw-work art technique. Along with the bookmarkers, the Subotica people were also given a leaflet with brief information and interesting information about the history of the necktie, and those interested could participate in the quiz. The quiz required a smartphone to scan the QR code and get to the quiz link on the school website. All participants were very successful, and as a reward they were able to win colorful shirts with a paper necktie made in the origami technique. At the very beginning, Hrvoje Vuković, Consul First Class of the Consulate General of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of Serbia in Subotica, joined the students in celebrating Necktie Day.
Necktie is an original Croatian product, spread around the world by Croatian soldiers in the service of the French King Louis XIV. Since 2003, October 18 has been celebrated as Necktie Day and our school has been participating in this event for the seventh consecutive year.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

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