World Book and Copyright Day

Every year, on April 23, World Book and Copyright Day is celebrated. On that occasion, a tea party was organized in the school library. The students brought their favorite books and presented them to their peers. The bravest among them spoke very enthusiastically about their favorite heroes and their adventures. We heard what adventures Duga Sivić went through to discover her power; the story „About the Button" taught us that inner beauty is what defines us. We laughed with Nušić and his comedy of confusion, „Suspicious Face," and discovered books that contain wise thoughts that can show us the way when we are in doubt. At the end of the meeting, we enjoyed tea and grandma's cookies. We talked about the importance of reading, and we came to the conclusion that reading is important because, by reading, we enrich the vocabulary, develop empathy, develop imagination, and improve critical thinking skills. You look at the picture gallery.

Translation: Svetlana Pribičević

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