24. Republic Review of Student Cooperatives

The Republic Festival of Student Cooperatives opened on May 21 in Tavankut.
The following schools are participating in the review of Student Cooperatives:
- Elementary school „Ratko Pavlović Ćićko", from Prokuplje,
- Elementary school „Branko Radičević", from Stapar,
- Technical school „Rade Metalac", from Leskovac,
- Elementary school „St. Sava" from Vladicin Han,
- Special school with dormitory „Bubanj", from Nis,
- Elementary school „Jožef Atila", from Bogojevo,
- Elementary school „Nestor Žučni", from Lalić,
- Elementary school „Branko Radičević", from Odžak,
- Elementary school „Kosta Stamenkovic", from Srpski Miletic,
- Elementary school „Vuk Karadzic", from Deronje,
- Chemical-technological school, from Subotica,
- Elementary school „Jovan Jovanović Zmaj", from Subotica and the host school
- Elementary school „Matija Gubec" from Tavankut.
The review began with a festive program prepared by the teachers and students of the host school. The program was enlarged by students in traditional costumes, who held banners with the names of the participating schools. At the beginning of the program, those present were greeted by the school director Stanislava Stantić Prćić, as well as the president of the Student Cooperatives Slobodan Popović.
After the formal reception, the opening of the Student Cooperatives Festival and lunch, the guests had the opportunity to participate in the workshops: Skateboarding and Straw Workshop.
An exhibition of student works and new experiences awaits all students tomorrow (Saturday - May 22). You look at the picture gallery

On the second day of the Republic Festival of Student Cooperatives, an exhibition of works was held at the Ethno Farm Balazevic, where visitors could see, but also buy for themselves and their loved ones some of the works of art, which are created in the skilful hands of creative students.
In the Tavankut House of Culture, the school choir sang the song Pannonian Sailor by George Balasevic, and talented actors, school drama groups, revived the play The Little Prince, which closed the Republic Festival of Student Cooperatives.
The director of the school, Stanislava Stantić Prćić, thanked everyone present for their participation and expressed hope for future cooperation and nurturing the acquired friendships.
The awards were handed out, and the audience was addressed by the President of the Association of Student Cooperatives, Slobodan Popović, who expressed his satisfaction with the organization, as well as the dedication of the host school.
A lunch was organized for all participants in the Music Culture cabinet, followed by a parting filled with a set because of what happened, but also with anticipation because of future friendships. You look at the picture gallery

Translation: H.R.A.M.

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