9. meeting “GO-CAR-GO”

Project author, Stanko Kostanjevec with our school team

Eighth- grade students, Martina Balažević, Dunja Mačković, Miomir Skenderović and Vanja Tintor and two mentors, Predrag Bedekovic and Branko Stantic, participated in the 9th "GO-CAR-GO" meeting in the School Center in Ptuj in Slovenia, on 14 and 15 May 2018
We can thank all of this to Mr. Stanko Kostanjevec, the author, project leader and teacher at Ptuj Mechanical School, who provided us with a chassis of extramobil.
This year's meeting was attended by 25 elementary schools (18 from the Republic of Slovenia, 6 from the Republic of Croatia and our school from the Republic of Serbia), who competed in slalom and giant slalom. The appearance, functionality and other characteristics of the extramobils were evaluated by a special committee consisting of teachers from Ptuj Mechanical School as well as teams of students who evaluated the three best extramobils.

Our school team and the principal, Stanislava Stantić Prćić

Lunch was served for all participants after the competition. After lunch, there was a formal closing ceremony and all students received certificates of participation and acknowledgments. Our school extramobil- FLAMENKO, won recognition award for the original solution, as well as the third place in the slalom and giant slalom category.
The students were thrilled with the event and we hope to continue the international cooperation in the field of technology.

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