Guests from Zagreb at our school

On Monday, October 7, a delegation from Zagreb, led by the President of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, Drago Prgomet, PhD, visited our school.
It was an opportunity to discuss the perspectives and possibilities of future forms of cooperation discussed at the organized round table, which included Stanislava Stantic Prćić, principal - host of the meeting, Drago Prgomet, PhD - President of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb , Tivadar Bunford - President of the City Assembly of the City of Subotica, Gyula Ladóczki - Secretary of the City Assembly of the City of Subotica, Velimir Pleša - Consul General of the Republic of Croatia in the Republic of Serbia, Lazar Cvijin - President of the Croatian National Council (HNV) executive board, Jasmina Stevanović - Head of the Subotica Secretariat for Social Affairs, Ljiljana Dulić – principal of "Vladimir Nazor" Elementary School from Đurđin, Mirjana Stevanović - principal of "Matko Vuković" Elementary School from Subotica and Ivan Stipić - principal of "Ivan Milutinović" Elementary School from Subotica. The first opportunities for cooperation with schools from Tavankut and Subotica in the project "International School of Technical Skills" were presented by Josip Troha, the main coordinator of the project, Ivan Jurić, Vice-President of the Croatian Association of Technical Culture and Tomislav Stipanović, President of International Plastic Modelers' Association Croatia.
After the round table discussion, the participants toured the school, and with particular interest, visited the Technical Culture classroom, which, thanks to donations from the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia, is equipped with modern machines and tools, such as: Unimat basic, multi-purpose woodworking tool, mBot robots , micro: bits and 3D printer - Creality Ender 3 pro. Thanks to such equipment, students from Tavankut learn by using the latest technology in class and achieve remarkable results at national and international technical culture competitions.
The agreed cooperation will further enhance this type of teaching process and will provide students and teachers with an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences with students and colleagues from Croatia and other countries involved in the presented project.

Translation: Miroslav Rauš

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